Stream Music using Onion Omega2

This tutorial about Onion Omega2, you will learn how to stream music with AirPlay using Onion Omega from Android and iPhone.

What is Onion Omega2:

Omega2 is $5 world smallest full Linux server with Builtin WiFi. It combines the tiny form factor and energyperformance of the Arduino, with the strength and flexibilities of the Raspberry Pi. It only needs 3.3v to power at 0.5A regulated current.

What is AirPlay:

AirPlay is a protocol that allows to stream Audio and video between different devices created by Apple Inc. This tutorial shows how to stream Audio from any device ( Phone, Tablets, etc.) and get out from onion omega. Let’s start how to and what would need to complete this project.

Required Things:

  1. Onion Omega Or latest Omega2.
  2. Onion Suspension Dock.
  3. USB Audio Sound Card.
  4. USB A to Micro USB cable.
  5. For Output required a speaker OR handsfree.


Stream Music using Onion Omega2

connect all the components as shown in the image.

Stream Music using Onion Omega2

To enable streaming audio through Omega2, we need to install Shairport-Sync onto Omega. This open source software makes Omega to able play Music through AirPlay.

Step 1: Uninstallavahi-nodbus-Daemon )

To install Shairport, we need to uninstall avahi-nodbus-Daemon first because of it already there and install avahi-dbus-daemon. So uninstall with the following command.

Step 2: Download ( avahi-dbus-daemon ) and Install from OpenWRT.

We can download avahi-dbus-Daemon from OpenWRT open source platform. First, we need to update package and then install with the following command.

Step 3: Download ( Shairport-Sync and Install )

it allows users to set the password for Airplay, to remote control from Omega, to music the audio, and more impressive capabilities!

Step 4: Reboot Omega and Run it!

If you got an error message as below In case, you are using version 2.1.15.

It does not matter at all. When Omega started, it shows AirPlay option on the phone, and you can now stream audio from your device like phone and tablet no matter it is IOS or Android it works on both.

Original Wiki Page:

The original guide page is available at:




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