Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3

This article about Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3. You could setup all the things for accessing your Kodi configuration remotely via VNC server on Raspberry Pi3 after reading this guide I hope so that it will help you. So your are on right place I googled many forums and read articles on How to use VNC on Kodi while you are running Pi3 or any board like Pi2 Or Zero. I found the solution but described in complicated ways that are not easy to learn for those who’s new on the Pi3 platform.

But in this guide, you will learn all the configuration very quickly. Let’s start…,

Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3:

First, You need to install LibreElEC OS for Kodi on you raspberry Pi3 and very simple to install Libreelec on Kodi. There are two ways to install LibreELEC. However follow the below steps to install LibreElEC on Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Install NOOBS on SD card. For NOOBS installation read my Article on Getting start with Pi3.

Step 2:  After successfully installation of NOOBS insert SD card into Pi SD slot and boot up. And then Select the LibreELEC from the Menu and press the Install button as shown in the image below.


Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3

It takes some time to download and installation.

(2) The second way of Installation LibreELEC is:

There is a little list of things you will need:

  • A PC which is used to write the image to an SD-card (can be Linux, Windows or MacOS based).
  • A Raspberry Pi3 or any.
  • A proper power supply (5V/1A for the RPi1; 5V/2A for the RPi2/3).
  • An SD-card with at least 4GB.
  • A Micro-USB cable.
  • An internet connection.
  • An HDMI cable.
  • A keyboard/mouse.

Step 1: Download LibreELEC USB creator tool from here.

Step 2:  Install and open USB Creator tool. Choose the version of Pi and select LibreELEC OS version which you want to write on SD card.

Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3

Now click on Download button and give the path where you want to download the file OR select file if you already downloaded.

Step 3: Select SD card or USB which you inserted in PC.

Step 4: Click on write. It will take some time to done.

Step 5: When image writing has done insert SD card into Pi slot and power up.

Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3:

Now we have to setup VNC server on Kodi for remote configuration of Kodi. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open Kodi and go to System settings and select Add-ons.

Step 2: In Add-ons open install from repository.

Step 3: Now go to LibreELEC Add-ons and select Services.

Step 4: In Services open  Raspberry Pi VNC and install this Add-ons.

Now you can access your Kodi on any other device like mobile phone, IPAD, Laptop, PCs. For this purpose you need to download VNC client, you can download from PlayStore for Android, Itunes for Apple devices.

For Computer visit  VNC official site.

How to find VNC IP for Kodi on Pi3:

You could find IP address which using you Pi device. Open System Settings, Now you can see Network TAB in system settings open Network Tab. You can see now IP address which will use for VNC access.

Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3

In my case, my IP address you can see is keep in mind you can only access it with VNC port by default VNC port in Kofi is 5900. So you have to put in VNC client to remote access.

You can change the port of VNC server from Raspberry Pi VNC Add-ons setting as shown in the images:

Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3 Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3

That is the very simple guide to Setup VNC server on Kodi using Raspberry Pi3. Now you can enjoy the configuration from anywhere by installing new Add-ons. You can also read my Article on Setting/Installing build on Kodi which include lots of entertainment stuff.

For suggestions or any question just comment below.


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