Control LEDs with any IR Remote-Arduino Project

Today I will tell you how to Control LEDs with any IR Remote using Arduino board. You will need Arduino board like Nano, Uno Or Mega 2560 for this purpose however also need IR sensor module and any IR remote control to on/off LEDs. You can also on/off anything with IR remote using Arduino like Relays, Motors, etc.

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Control LEDs with any IR Remote:

First of all, you need Arduino board in my case I will use Arduino UNO board for this project. No matter what you have, you could build Control LEDs with any IR Remote project any Arduino board.

Required Hardware:

  • Arduino UNO.
  • IR Sensor.
  • 3x LEDs.
  • breadboard with jumper wires.
  • IR Remote control usually comes with Arduino IR kit.
  • 220-ohm resister.

All the components are available to buy online at a very low price you get all the stuff most probably you can get all the things from eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Banggood at a low price.

Now, let’s start how to build this project first thing we need to connect all the components together here is the wiring diagram see below.

How to wiring things:

The IR sensor has three PINs (Vout, GND, VCC)  you should connect VCC pin to Arduino 3.3V pin, GND to GND and Vout to pin D2 (DigitalPin).


Now connect  LEDs to Arduino as in the image.

Control LEDs with any IR Remote

How to find HEX code to use any IR Remote:

You can use any TV remote or any other IR with Arduino for this we must need to find the Button Hex code of that remote. Here you will learn how you can find Hex code.

Step 1: Need IR Remote library download from here.

Step 2: To install library open Arduino IDE Select Sketch go to Include Library.

Step 3: Open ADD.Zip Library and give the downloaded library Zip file path. You have successfully installed the library.

Step 4: In Examples, you will see some examples of IR Library. Open  IRrecvDump V2. 

Step 5: Connect IR sensor to PIN 11 for getting Hex codes of any IR remote and open Serial Monitor press that button which you want to find Hex code. Copy the Hex code as in the image shown.Control LEDs with any IR Remote

For the Installation of the library in more details, you can find out from here. Put the hex code in the Main Code, and now you can use any IR remote with this project that awesome 😀

Get the main Code:

Just upload the code to Arduino, and you have done 😀

I would appreciate if you give me more ideas about Arduino and Raspberry Pi project and let me know if you facing any issue regarding this project just ping below in comment  🙂

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